Mural: Art Pistol Projects
West End, Glasgow

With Art Pistol Projects

@artpistolprojects :

‘#afinefind is a concept bringing contemporary art from inside to out. An evolving collection of small paintings and intimate artistic pieces starting on walls and small surfaces around the streets of Glasgow’s West End.

Small murals are more inclusive to a wider range of artists from different artistic backgrounds, meaning contemporary painters, printmakers and illustrators can bring their look to the street. Small also means that the artwork can integrate with the area more subtly and almost become hidden gems in plain sight.

Their size means that financially, with some amazing help from @visitwestend we can assist in their creation and artists can be paid for their talents. The project will support professional and semi professional artists in their practice, getting artists paid for adding value to the fabric of a place, and championing the value of art in society today.

Artists can begin outdoors and master their skills there, and some then end up making art for gallery walls and selling to their audience. But there are even more artists that begin indoors in pursuit of this career, so heading outdoors should be open to more and become a practical addition to or natural progression in their practice.

Combining the west end’s charm with more artistic styles to engage people and enhance spaces will add so much character and culture to the fabric of the place. Art in the street reaches more people, and more art in the public realm stimulates thought, creates discussion and just entertains.

The project has begun with 8 artists starting work on their walls. A further 5 pieces will be introduced over the next few weeks to complete the first stage and leave the west end a little more lively.

Massive thanks to @birdandblendtea for the wall.’

© Nancy Nightingale

Selected intallation shots by Murray Orr
Studio shots by Josh Murfitt