Nancy Nightingale is an Artist based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh in 2018, specialising in Painting.

Within her practice, Nancy observes how changing daylight transforms space. Within her work, she translates cinematic-like lighting of architectural spaces into blocks of textured marks.

Having been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome at 16, a condition which causes visual stress, Nancy recognised her ability to process light, text and images differed to those around her. She constructs drawings by building blocks of repetitive and heavy linear marks which contrast with the paper they sit on. This mimics the flashing effect she perceives which occurs when reading text, and softer marks mirror the ghostly image that lingers after looking away from a subject. Through her work, Nancy recreates her experience of processing visual information with a heightened sensitivity to light.

Nancy’s drawings are process-led which allows for a controlled restriction of information by removing detail, abstracting each space that would usually be regarded as ordinary or routine. The choice of earthy, monochromatic and grayscale tones mirror that of a concrete landscape. Materials are used as a tool for creating visual noise, where quieter moments exist within subtle changes in texture. By abstracting the original space, the artworks capture the mood without need for explicit definition.

    © Images by Josh Murfitt


BA (Hons) Painting Degree from The University of Edinburgh
Foundation Year at the Royal Drawing School
School: Dartford Grammar School for Girls


2023 - Art Pistol
Group Exhibition for the opening of Art Pistol’s new gallery space, Glasgow

RESIDENCY: The Admiral’s House, Wasps Studios
Ilse of Skye


London Life Magazine
Featured in Septmeber 2023 issue accross 12 editions: Chelsea Life, Wimbledon Life, Mayfair Life, Chiswick Life, Hampstead and Highgate Life, St John’s Wood Life, Marylebone Life, Blackheath Life, Notting Hill Life, Fulham Life, Battersea Life and Richmond Life.     https://issuu.com/fishmedia/docs/life_mags_london_sept23 

The World of Interiors
Featured artist in ‘Artisctic Impressions’ Sepetmeber 2023 issue https://www.worldofinteriors.com/


The Smart Leisure Guide - ‘Encounter’ Exhibition Review

Visual Arts Scotland

Art Pistol

Kobi & Teal, Products

Best of Degree Show, Six Foot Gallery

Degree Show Finder, Edinburgh College of Art

Royal Drawing School, Alumni


Best Film and Audience Choice Award
‘At First Light’ - Film in collaboration with Louis Caro.  Awarded by the Movie Production Society at The University of Edinburgh.  7 Mar 2018

© Nancy Nightingale

Selected intallation shots by Murray Orr
Studio shots by Josh Murfitt